Discovering Lake Havasu State Park: An Arizona Gem

Lake Havasu State Park, spanning 900 acres along Lake Havasu's eastern shore in Mohave County, Arizona, is a vibrant oasis established in 1965. This park is not just a natural retreat but also a hub of lively events and diverse recreational activities.

A Calendar Full of Events

The park's dynamic event calendar features attractions like the Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair, the Rockabilly Reunion, and the Bluegrass on the Beach Music Festival. Each event brings its unique flair, from hot air balloons to nostalgic music, drawing visitors from all over. The Southwest Chowderfest and the McCulloch Cup – Hobie Cat Regatta further enrich the park's offerings, making it a year-round destination for varied interests.

Recreation and Leisure

As a gateway to the Colorado River, the park is a haven for boating enthusiasts. Facilities include boat ramps, canoe and kayak rentals, and comprehensive safety equipment. The park's layout includes three boat ramps, 54 campsites, 13 beachside cabins, and a special events area, catering to a wide array of outdoor activities. Its nature trails, picnic areas, and scenic beaches provide the perfect setting for family gatherings and watersport adventures.

Nature Trails and Wildlife

The Mohave Sunset Trail, extending 1.75 miles, offers a serene hiking experience through the desert landscape and along the lake's shoreline. The Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden is a highlight for nature lovers, displaying the area's diverse desert life. Birdwatching enthusiasts can spot species like the Great Horned Owl and Anna's Hummingbird, adding to the park's natural allure.

Camping and Comfort

With campgrounds accommodating car and tent camping, as well as RV spaces and rental cabins, the park caters to various camping preferences. Amenities like shaded picnic benches, white sand beaches with safe swimming areas, and ADA-accessible facilities ensure a comfortable and inclusive environment for all visitors. The park's diverse layout supports a range of activities, from fishing to birdwatching, appealing to a broad spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts.

Visitor Information

Open throughout the year, the park adjusts its visitor center hours seasonally. Entrance fees are set at $15 per vehicle on weekdays and $20 on weekends and holidays. Situated near Lake Havasu City, AZ, the park is also close to other attractions, including water sports and the famous London Bridge, enhancing its appeal as a comprehensive recreational area.

Lake Havasu State Park embodies the spirit of Arizona's outdoors, offering a mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural vibrancy. It stands as a testament to the state's natural beauty and recreational diversity, inviting visitors to experience the unique blend of activities and sceneries it offers.

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